Description of FAG bearing code


Description of FAG bearing code

FAG bearing code consists of basic code, pre code and post code.

Basic code represents FAG axis Basic type, structure and size of bearing. Precedes the base code. Post code indicates FAG axis

The shape, size, seal, cage, tolerance, clearance, heat treatment, packaging and technical requirements of the bearing structure have been changed

When changing, add supplementary code after the basic code of FAG bearing. FAG bearing basic code can refer to: bearing model

See the following table for the meaning of: FAG bearings code arrangement rules Front and rear code (group) Basic code generation 1 2

3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 size inner bearing without primary diameter


Hold Baogong to test the dimension frame of the special bearing part of the row sealing heat and the noise damping of the differential bearing

Package code and technical zero junction and prevention of shaft sliding number with equal clearance of external material frame

Conditional part No. Assembly material, shaft level bearing, fitting installation, dust structure, characteristic dimension, FAG shaft

Supplementary code – preceding code FAG bearing preceding code R or L is directly placed on the basic code of FAG bearing

The other preceding codes are separated from the basic code by “.”. GS.: Thrust cylindrical roller bearing race.

Example: GS 81112 K.: Assembly of rolling element and cage. R: FAG shaft without separable inner or outer race

Undertake. RNU207: Example: NU207 bearing without inner race. WS.: Thrust cylindrical roller bearing ring. 50: Single

Bearing sleeves

-Rear code FAG bearing ring. Example: LNU207E: inner race of NU207 bearing.

FAG bearing supplementary code

Post code is placed after the base code. When there are multiple sets of post codes, the FAG bearing model shall be followed

Indicates that the sequence of post codes listed in (above table) is arranged from left to right. Some post codes are preceded by “.” and basic

Code separation. 1. Internal structure A, B, C, D, E: changes in internal structure. For example: angular contact ball bearing

7205C, C represents 15 degree contact angle; Cylindrical roller bearing N309E, E refers to reinforced design, FAG shaft

The load bearing capacity is improved. VH: full cylindrical roller bearing with self-locking rollers

FAG standard bearing). Example: NJ2312 VH2, FAG bearing overall dimensions and external structure DA: with double half

Separable double row angular contact ball bearing with inner ring. DZ: roller bearing with cylindrical outer diameter. K: Conical hole FAG

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