Several reasons for the high cost performance of FAG bearing

Influenced by production technology and other factors, more than half of domestic enterprises use FAG imported bearings to complete daily production tasks. Because FAG bearing not only has higher operation stability, but also has very low failure rate, it can achieve the effect of reducing the use cost of enterprises. Therefore, FAG bearing has a higher cost performance ratio and a very high overall market share.


1。 High performance-price ratio reduces the production cost of FAG bearing and promotes the bearing to have high performance-price ratio. Under the basic condition of high performance, FAG bearings continue to strengthen their own range of use. Among the same type of bearing products, FAG bearings are sold at a relatively low price, which can meet the needs of more enterprises. The lower sales price and operating cost are the main reasons for enterprises to choose FAG bearings.Schaeffler bearings catalog

fag bearing

2。 High recognition degree Because FAG bearings have entered the domestic market for a long time, consumers have a very high recognition degree of FAG bearings, and a large number of FAG bearings are purchased every year. On the premise of more demand, the production cost of a single finished product of FAG bearings has increased significantly. Reduce the sales price of FAG bearing on the premise of meeting the profit, not only highlight the specific price advantage of bearing, but also strengthen the market share of FAG bearing, providing guarantee for the rapid development of FAG bearing.Schaeffler bearings


3。 Technical innovation The reason why FAG bearing has a high cost performance ratio is inextricably linked with market recognition and continuous innovation of enterprise production technology. Compared with domestic bearings, FAG bearings have obvious advantages in performance and stability, and the sales price is moderate, which makes FAG bearings become a bearing brand with high cost performance. Advanced technology and suitable pricing range make FAG bearing cost-effective. FAG bearing takes advantage of its good reputation and stable operation effect in China to quickly occupy the bearing sales market and provide service guarantee for enterprise production with higher quality.f.a.g. bearings for sale