Our company is mainly engaged in American Timken bearing. The products involved in TIMKEN bearings are TIMKEN cylindrical roller bearings, TIMKEN seated bearings, unit TIMKEN joint bearings, TIMKEN precision bearings, TIMKEN spherical roller bearings, and TIMKEN tapered roller bearings. , TIMKEN thrust bearings, etc.

Our company has established its own warehouses in Tianjin, Shanghai, Wuxi, and Guangzhou to set up channel sales centers, which can quickly deliver the products required by customers into the hands of users, and solve your worries!

Our company operates TIMKEN bearing, oil seals, miniature bearings, seated bearings, precision bearings, and other series of products, which provide a steady stream of performance and power for the reliable and stable development of the industry. Thank you for your attention to the company’s introduction.

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