FAG bearings imported from Germany

fag bearing

1. Precautions for FAG bearing model selection and installation:

1. Speed.

The allowable speed is based on the FAG bearing type, size, accuracy, cage type,
Factors such as load, lubrication method, and cooling method are determined. Standards are listed on the FAG bearing table
The allowable speed of precision bearings under oil and grease lubrication. Usually, deep groove ball bearings, since
Spherical ball bearings and cylindrical roller bearings are suitable for high-speed operation.

2. Size restrictions.

Usually the space in which FAG bearings can be installed is limited. in most cases
Below, the shaft diameter (or bearing inner diameter) is based on mechanical design or other design constraints. so
The selection of FAG bearing type and size is based on the bore diameter of the bearing. Hence, the standard
The main dimension tables of FAG bearings are compiled according to the international standard bore diameter.
Standard FAG bearings are available in a wide variety of sizes and are ideal for mechanical design
Standard FAG bearing. FAG bearing load, the load applied to the bearing, its nature, large
Small, direction is changeable. Usually, the rated base load is shown on the dimension table. but the axis
Radial load and radial load, etc., are also important factors in selecting suitable bearings. When the ball and needle
Needle roller bearings usually have higher load capacity and withstand higher vibrations when the bearing sizes are comparable.
dynamic and shock loads.

3. Bearing tolerance.

The dimensional accuracy and rotational accuracy of FAG bearings are based on ISO and European standards. for
For machinery that requires high precision and high speed operation, it is recommended to use bearings of grade 5 or above.
Groove ball bearings, radial thrust ball bearings or cylindrical roller bearings are suitable for machines with high running accuracy.
machinery. Rigid, elastic deformation occurs when the contact surfaces of rolling elements and raceways of FAG bearings are under pressure.
Some machines need to minimize elastic deformation. Roller bearings are more elastic than ball bearings
variables are small.
In addition, in some cases FAG bearings are preloaded to increase rigidity. this way
The sequence is usually used for deep groove ball bearings, radial thrust ball bearings and tapered roller bearings.
misalignment, shaft bending, shaft or bearing housing tolerance variations, and misfit can cause misalignment of the inner and outer rings.
To prevent excessive eccentricity, self-aligning ball bearings, self-aligning roller bearings, or self-aligning
A bearing housing is the better choice. Voice frequency and torque, rolling bearings are based on high precision standards
It is quasi-manufactured, so the noise and torque are small. FAG Deep groove ball bearings and FAG cylindrical roller bearings are suitable for
For occasions with special requirements for low voice and low torque.
Large machinery cannot be rotated manually, so the power is cut off immediately after no-load start, and the machinery
Idling, check for vibration, noise, contact of rotating parts, etc., and confirm that there is no abnormality
After that, enter the power operation. After the FAG bearing is installed, in order to check whether the installation is correct,
Operational inspection is to be carried out. Small machines can be rotated by hand to confirm that they rotate smoothly. check
Check items for poor operation caused by foreign objects, scars, and indentations, due to poor installation, installation
The torque generated by the poor machining of the seat is unstable, due to too small clearance, installation error, sealing friction
The torque caused by rubbing is too large, etc. If there is no abnormality, the power operation can be started.

fag bearing

fag bearing

Second, the selection skills of imported FAG bearings:
1. Selection of imported FAG bearing models: Bearing models are generally based on matching production
Imported FAG bearings are selected according to the service conditions and load bearing of the product. So it is necessary to understand
Whether the actual load of the customer is in line with the selected imported FAG bearing, if the bearing cannot meet the use
If required, the model should be changed as soon as possible, but unless there is a special product, there is generally no difference in the model selection.
what problem.
3. Selection of grease: The selection of grease is generally based on the rotation of imported FAG bearings.
speed, temperature resistance, noise requirements and starting torque, etc.
The properties of lipids are well understood.
4. Selection of imported FAG bearing seal type: The lubrication of imported FAG bearing can be
Divided into oil lubrication and grease lubrication. Oil lubricated imported FAG bearings are generally selected form bearings, grease
Lubricating imported FAG bearings are generally sealed with dust caps or rubber seals. Dust cover for
For parts with high temperature or good use environment, the seals are divided into contact seals and non-contact seals.
The contact type seal has good dustproof performance but large starting torque, and the non-contact type seal has a small starting torque.
But the sealing performance is not as good as the contact type.
3. Precautions for imported FAG bearings:
1. Selection and control of shaft and imported FAG bearing chamber tolerance: Press the bearing into the imported FAG
The bearing should rotate flexibly without any sense of blockage. If there is obvious inflexibility of rotation, it indicates the size of the shaft
Too large, the tolerance will be reduced. If the imported FAG bearing is pressed into the shaft and rotated by hand, there is obvious “sand”
If there is a “sand” feeling, it may be that the tolerance of the shaft is too large or the roundness of the shaft is not good. So control the shaft and
When importing FAG bearing chamber tolerance, the roundness should also be controlled.
2. Prevention of foreign objects in assembly: Imported FAG bearings are very difficult to be installed on the rotor for dynamic balance.
It is easy to enter the iron scraps generated during dynamic balancing into the imported FAG bearing, so it is best to install the shaft
Carry forward dynamic balance. When assembling, apply some oil or grease to the imported FAG bearing chamber for lubrication
effect, but it is often difficult for operators to control the amount well, if oil or grease is in the inlet FAG shaft
There is a lot of accumulation in the bearing chamber, and it is easy to enter the bearing along the shaft when the imported FAG bearing rotates
department. It is best not to apply oil or grease to the bearing chamber.
There is accumulation in the FAG bearing chamber.
3. Assembly method of imported FAG bearings: Because imported FAG bearings are high-precision products,
Improper assembly can easily cause damage to the imported FAG bearing raceway, resulting in bearing damage. Enter
The FAG bearing should have a special mold when assembling, and it should not be knocked at will. When pressing into the shaft, only
It can bear the force in a small circle, and can only bear the force in a large circle when pressing a large circle. Pneumatic or hydraulic pressure is required for assembly,
When pressing, the upper and lower dies should be out of the horizontal state. If they are inclined, the bearing channel will be damaged due to force.
It is damaged, and the imported FAG bearing produces a guiding sound.
4. The life of imported FAG bearings is closely related to manufacture, assembly and use.
It must be done well in every link to make the bearing in the best running state, thus prolonging the
Service life of imported FAG bearings.